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Services for athletes

Recreational athletes

We provide comprehensive care for your body at mild to moderate sports load. We offer the nutrition of your cellsincrease in muscle mass, energy conservation, appropriate supplementation according to laboratory results and increasing the resistance of the immune system.

Professional athletes

We provide professional care and suitable diet to improve physical and mental health at high sports performances. We care with professional quality about your body, so you can serve maximum performances in best condition.

Sport clubs

We offer health care for your athletes for achieving maximum results on a daily basis. Our care includes blood analyzes from the point of view of macro and micro elementsvitaminsenzymes and stress hormones. Furthermore, our care includes implementation of the results into a nutrition and training plan and optimization of regeneration after exercise.

Who did we help

Lucie a Barbora Galádová

Lucie & Barbora Galádová

Czech representative in speed canoeing

"I would like to thank you very much for taking so much care of me and my daughter. Since I have been coming to you, everything has started to improve. As we found out what my body is intolerant to, after skipping certain foods, I felt much better after about 14 days."

Kamila Kordovská

Kamila Kordovská

Czech handball representative

"I am very grateful for these extensive tests. Thanks to them, I found out what foods I'm allergic to, and most importantly, that I suffer from histamine intolerance. She explained my problems of several years. It's been a few weeks now, since our first consultation, that I've been trying to follow your recommended diet. I gradually recognize which foods are good for me and vice versa."

Jana Czeczinkarová

Jana Czeczinkarová

Czech representative on mountain bikes and cyclocross

"I would like to thank you for your time and care for my eating and for recommending a food intolerance test. Thanks to you, I managed to do what we didn't even hope for, and that solve skin problems, fatigue and also weight. I have much more appetite for training and overall I improved breathing and psyche.”

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